Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Fruits are very important to our body . It can give vitamin C.  But some manufacturing company have been using fruits as an ingredients in making beauty products. Most of the women today have been using herbal beauty product because they believed that can whiten skin, moisturize, anti-aging etc...
 For me I've used herbal soap with active ingredients , whitening with moisturizer plus with unique quality skin whitening, rejuvenating system  that can contains pure white. Let's discover the effect of each fruits.

 PAPAYA  Extract provides whitening and moisturizing treatment . The leaves of Papaya is also effective for whitening . All you have to do is wash your skin and scrub papaya leaves on skin areas you want . When you scrub it everyday , it can whitens skin.

CARROTS extract reduces wrinkles and fine lines ( anti-aging)

COCONUT  milk is effective in removing molds, bacteria & various on skin. My grandmother used coconut milk on her hair as shampoo. It is also effective for a shiny hair.

BANANA extract smoothens out various skin problems.

AGHOHO TREE ( Cauanrinaceae Casuarina equisetlifolia)

picture taken from pinoyagri through www. google.com

I'm sure there are more AGOHO tree in your area.  When you take in large doses of  a decoction bark of agoho tree, It promotes menstrual discharge and alleviates menstruation pains.  I proved it because I have used it when I have menstrual period.  It is also helpful for expectoration of blood from some part of respiratory.  The bark can also be used to stop diarrhea and dysentery.  The leaves and fruits of Agoho when in take will cure intestinal parasite. It can also cure intestinal parasite of animals including carabao, dogs, goat etc. The powder of bark is used also as a tonic and for pimples on the face.

BANABA (: Legerstroemia speciosa)

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Many of us have used banaba and some businessmen used banaba as as an main ingredients of pure 100% herbal capsule and can cure illness. The old leaves  and ripe of fruits of banaba contain the greatest amount of unsulin-like principle.  The decoction of the leaves and barks  is being used for diabetes millitus. It is taken like a tea. Insulin is a convertion of sugar, starches and food into energy and responsible for blood sugar into cells. It can help lower blood glucose level. Banaba extract, capsules, powder and tea are available in the market.
  Different parts of banaba are used for the treatment of all health conditions like digestive tract, diarrhea  constipation, urinary disorders, lowering high uric acid. Banaba helps kidney problems.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

MALUNNGAY(Moringa olifera)

we are all familiar with malunggay because we used the leaves of malunggay as tinula. But its leaves has medicinal value. It can also be used for hiccups, asthma, back pain, rheumatism, wounds and sores. My mother used the leaves of malunggay to cure her constipation because she is always experiencing constipation..The pods are cure for intestinal parasitism. The fruit will increase the sperm counts and root bark has sex-hormone related properties. The leaves and pods of malunggay can increase breast milk in breastfeeding month.